2014 & Beyond


Goals and Resolutions

Resolutions, what a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, right?!

By now, your 2014 resolutions may already be a thing of the past.  I personally don’t make resolutions; instead, I write down some of my goals and the steps I need to take to make them a reality.

I try to be as realistic as possible, otherwise I will just get frustrated or procrastinate.  I’d highly recommend a site and smartphone app called Cozi; it’s a free and easy-to-use online calendar to help you stay organized on the go.  For instance, I have a $5,000 loan that I want to pay off by this fall. I wrote that goal down and determined what specific steps I need to take to make that happen (e.g. reduce expenses, etc.).

Where to Start

I say start small.  I’ll give you a personal example. Last year, I wanted to reduce how much sugar I was consuming but I didn’t want to go cold turkey.  I slowly started getting rid of white sugar in my diet and replaced it with maple syrup, agave & raw honey.  In time, I eventually switched to stevia, which is made from a flower (so it’s natural, not made of chemicals like artificial sweeteners) and has no calories. Start small and build from there.

Exercise Motivation During the Winter Months 

This is something I’ve been struggling with lately since I just started a new position within my organization and also launched a side business.  It’s hard balancing exercise with everything else but what I’ve learned is that getting off track happens when life gets hectic, but it’s our responsibility to take control sooner than later.  When it’s freezing cold outside and walking isn’t an appealing option, I try to workout indoors by signing up for a yoga class or going to the gym for a ½ hour workout.  Again, try starting small by trying to do some form of exercise several days a week.

Eating Well, All Year Long

The winter season is difficult for people on many levels.  First, days are shorter which makes it more challenging to get outside to exercise.  Second, the frigid temperatures tend to make most of us crave fattening comfort foods.  If I could give one tip that’s helped me manage my calories the most, it’s planning ahead.  For instance, buy your own food at the grocery store and take the time to prepare your own meals and snacks.  This alone will save so much money and it’s healthier.  I’ve designed an entire gallery of pictures and articles on Pinterest that will give you lots of tips for eating well and staying properly hydrated.

Be Well,



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