Dairy-Free Milk Options

Try Dairy-Free Milk, or Make Your Own

I got adventurous last night and decided to take a stab at making my own dairy-free milk, right in my blender. In case you’re wondering why I drink dairy-free milk, I made the decision 8+ years ago to switch from cow’s milk  due to allergies & congestion. Cow’s milk has a complex protein structure that’s difficult for most people to easily digest. I still eat some dairy, but try to minimize it as much as I can.

How My Homemade “Milk” Turned Out

  • I found a few recipes online, one for flax milk and another for oat milk.   So, I pulled out the Vitamix and a few key ingredients and got started.
  • It wasn’t as time consuming as I’d thought and the end result was pretty tasty.  Unfortunately my oat milk turned out a bit slimy (yuck!) but next time I will rinse & strain the oats much better.  Although I didn’t use the milk in my coffee or hot chocolate, I tried it in a muffin recipe and it was a great replacement for regular milk or water.
  • If you’re not as adventurous as me and have no interest in making your own milk, consider picking up a dairy alternative during your next grocery store trip.  Dairy-free milk tastes awesome; try for yourself & notice the difference over time. Be patient, as it’ll take time for your palate to adjust.
  • One thing to note is that dairy-free alternatives have come a long way as many on the market today are very rich and creamy. I’ve made some recommendations below on which brands tastes fantastic.

Not Sure Which Brand to Try? 

First and foremost, make sure you read the label on these to see if there’s any added sugar.  I’d recommend something that’s unsweetened to save calories:

All of these should be readily available at your local health food store and most regular stores have them as well.  Just ask an employee where you can find them since they may or may not be in the refrigerated section.  Often, you’ll even find them on sale (e.g. 2 for $5, etc.)

I would LOVE to hear about your experiences with dairy-free milk as well as tips for making your own.

Be Well,


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