Healthy, Low-Glycemic Bread


Although your waistline may not love those complex carbs, there’s hope. White breads (especially too much of them) spike blood sugar and are full of empty calories. The good news is that sprouted grain breads are gaining popularity and are quite delicious AND nutritious. What are sprouted grains?

The LA Times published an excellent article on the subject a few years back explaining it beautifully. Breads made with sprouted grains don’t contain flour and are low-glycemic, meaning they don’t cause the blood sugar to spike quickly. Many of these breads contain lentils, barley, etc., making them a great vegan protein source as well. Please note that many of them do contain gluten, so they’re not ideal for those suffering from gluten-intolerance.

Ezekiel makes delicious varieties of breads, english muffins and burger buns. They’re available in the freezer aisle. Trader Joe’s also jumped on the bandwagon & now offers their own version of sprouted grain breads, which are my personal favorite. I enjoy two slices every morning with my cup of coffee.

If you’re diabetic, weight-conscious or just looking for a healthier bread option, sprouted grain breads may be perfect for you.

Be Well,


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