Drink to your Health & Boycott Bottled Water


The Bottled Water Dilemma 

I am the first to say that bottled water is so very convenient. Especially if you’re running around on a hot summer day and need a quick, cold refresher. However, today’s tip will shed a little light on the long-term effects that our bottled water consumption habits are having on the world around us.

Sadly, the U.S. bottled water industry is slowly destroying this country. Check out “Tapped“, a documentary that uncovers the nasty truth behind the bottled water industry. Why are people wasting their hard-earned money on a resource that’s available at their nearest tap? These companies are turning around and making a huge profit on a resource that’s available to us for next to nothing.

I used to buy bottled water by the case years ago.  I’d keep extra ones at work, in my car and the gym.  After I educated myself about where it was being sourced & understood that it’s no better than my tap water, I made the decision to stop wasting my money. Occasionally, I will buy a bottle of water if I forget to bring my reusable bottle with me and it’s 90 degrees outside (and no water fountain is in sight). However, I don’t make it a habit anymore.

Need a few more reasons to stop buying bottled water & invest in a reusable water bottle instead? 

Boycotting Bottled Water Will:

  1. Lessen the demand and help reduce the plastic garbage being dumped into our oceans,
  2. Help improve the health of people in the communities being impacted by bottled water production and
  3. Reduce millions of barrels of oil consumption each year.

Please share this information with everyone you know and help spread the word.  Not only will it save your loved ones money, but it will help improve our nation.

Be Well,



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