Use a Crock Pot to Make Fast, Healthy Meals


Crock Pots Rock!
Crock pots are a busy professional’s best friend.  One of my favorite fall/winter meals is a nice, hot bowl of hearty soup and it’s so easy to do with a crock pot.  Add a slice of bread or crackers and I’m in heaven!  If you’re as busy as I am and don’t have lots of time to cook, I’d recommend investing in a small crock pot if you don’t already have one. These are such awesome little time savers. You can get a new one for $20 or less or a used one at your local thrift shop, Craig’s List or Ebay.

Tonight, I spent 10 minutes (max) chopping a variety of my favorite vegetables, added a few key spices (thyme, chicken stock, salt, pepper, olive oil, etc.), hot water and I was done. My concoction will cook overnight & I’ll wake up to a huge pot of deliciousness. I’ll have the option to take this to work for lunch or have it for dinner throughout the week.

  • There are so many recipes that you can try in a crock pot and you don’t need recipe books to guide you. But if that’s how you roll, check out the “Fix it and Forget it” series.
  • Google the type of recipe you’re looking for (e.g. crock pot veggie chili, crock pot veggie soup, etc.) and you’ll find lots of inspiration.
  • My advice is to tailor each recipe to your liking; don’t be afraid to experiment a little and tweak recipes. Invest in a veggie chopper (I got my Pampered Chef one at a thrift store for $4.00), a few sharp knives, large cutting board, peeler and you’ll be all set.

Freeze Whatever You Don’t Eat Right Away
Another cool thing about cooking soups & stews in a crock pot is that many of these things can be frozen for later use. When you’re ready to eat in the future, just thaw in the fridge for a day or two. This saves time down the road and money.

Happy crock pot cooking!

Be Well,


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