Sassy Scrambled Eggs (or Tofu)


Looking for a creative twist to traditional scrambled eggs?

Eggs are low calorie, loaded with protein and vitamins and very versatile.  There are even recipe books out there completely dedicated to egg recipes.  I usually eat them a few days a week and try to get creative with how I prepare them to keep things interesting. One of my favorite flavor combinations includes cilantro and roma tomatoes. This is super easy to make and loaded with mouth-watering flavor.

Quick & Easy Recipe

  • 2-4 eggs (or scrambled tofu)
  • Small handful of fresh cilantro leaves (no stems)
  • ½ roma tomato
  • chopped Pat of butter or olive oil
  • Dash of sea salt

Cooking Time

I usually cook the eggs for 1-2 minutes on low and then add the chopped tomato, cilantro & seasonings. It’s better to cook at a lower temperature, in my opinion (medium-low to medium heat) to get the best flavor.  Continue cooking for several additional minutes until done. Serve hot and enjoy!

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