Expand Your World by Reading


Reading is a great way to expand your mind and your world.  It can be tough to find time to sit down and read a book; especially when technology makes it so easy to do it electronically. But, don’t underestimate the effectiveness of traditional books. As author and media guru Ryan Holiday states, when you buy a book to add to your library (or start a new one), you have something you can reference in the future if you want to. It’s harder to do that with E-books. Books are cool and never go out of style. Plus, they look damn good sitting on a bookshelf.

Not a Book Nerd? 

If you despise reading, consider that reading is good for your health. Here are some ways to get started:

  • Start small (e.g. magazines, journals, short novels, etc.)
  • Read about positive topics that inspire you.  I wouldn’t suggest reading a Stephen King novel before bedtime; I’ve heard that what we think about right before bedtime resonates in our subconscious when we sleep. Who knows if it’s true but for that reason, I try to fill my brain with positive stuff before I hit the sack.
  • Find a quiet & comfy space, if possible, to retreat to and read for a while. Some people are fine with reading for a few minutes at a time and others like to read for hours until they’ve practically finished a short book. It’s totally up to you.
  • If you’re having a hard time calming your mind, try relaxing music in the background to set the mood. I often listen to Jazz, Bossa Nova or Classical music (at a low volume) to help shut my mind off so I can prepare myself to sit down & chill/read.


Books Aren’t Cheap….How to Save Money

It’s nice to have your own collection of books but if you’re on a budget (like me!!!), here’s what I suggest:

Happy reading,



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