Love Makes the World Go ‘Round

Jan 27 2008 005

Love Someone Today

We all have a need to be loved and to love. Relationships (work & personal) teach us how to love. They inspire us to be better and grow. Whether you’ve got a significant other or not, make it a point to spread some love. This isn’t as easy for introverts, since the tendency is to draw inward. This is something I personally struggle with all the time since I enjoy a lot of solitude. However, too much of it makes life lonely!

Spread the Love Now
Call a family member to say hello or give someone you care about a huge hug and tell them how much you love them. We all could use more intimacy in our lives. Research has shown that we don’t get enough physical touch throughout the day (e.g. hugs, hand shakes, etc.).

Email someone you’ve lost touch with. Find it in yourself to make amends to those who have hurt you. Forgive, and move on.

And, Love Yourself
Show yourself some love today; indulge & spoil yourself (within reason, of course). Keep it simple. You deserve it because you’re awesome.

Be Well,


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