Simple Things


Sometimes the simplest things make my day. Like yesterday for instance; I visited a botanical garden and randomly stumbled upon the cutest scene.  As I walked around, I stumbled upon a small pond with lots of people gathered around. My first thought was “why are all these people standing around here?”.  As I approached, I realized they were admiring the many frogs that were frolicking around, in and out of the water. They were all over the place; it was like a frog-lover’s paradise!  The kids were playing with them and some of the adults were photographing them (myself included). Spontaneous moments like these are quite beautiful.

Later that afternoon, my path crossed with a 90+ year old woman as I was walking out of the restroom. I helped her with the door and it sparked a conversation. I smiled when she told me her age; she was alone and getting along beautifully. I really admired her independence. As she began to walk away, I noticed a long string of toilet paper stuck to her shoe (bless her heart!) and I immediately kneeled down to remove it for her.  She thanked me and went on her way.  It made me smile inside because I know most people wouldn’t have done that.

These quick, intimate experiences make me appreciate life. I don’t have as many of them during the week, when most of my time is spent at the office. It makes me appreciate the weekends even more 🙂




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