A Sense of Community

Community – Why We Need It 

We need people. Connections with others can provide a sense of community and belonging.  This is especially important since our brains are naturally wired to resort to “fight or flight” syndrome.  Connecting with others can give us the opportunity to feel heard and understood.  It gets us out of that fight or flight zone.  Healthy connections help keep us grounded during times of distress.  We can’t give that to ourselves.

Whether it’s a meditation group, yoga class, group therapy, church or spiritual group, fitness club, book club, etc., these types of connections nurture our souls.  Alone time is necessary too; but the connections with others help balance things out.

We all get in ruts sometimes but people will always be there for us when we need them.  Opening our hearts and minds keeps us connected to others in a healthy way.  It’s an expression of self-love.  If we don’t love ourselves, we can’t connect with and love others.  We miss out on the good stuff.

Introverts tend to struggle with this more than extroverts since it doesn’t come as natural to want to connect with others as often.  However, introverts should challenge themselves to push out of the comfort zone when there’s an over tendency to turn inwards.  I speak from experience; I’m an introvert and struggle with this all the time.  However, the more I get out of my comfort zone, the more balanced I feel.  The key is allowing myself enough solo time to recharge. It’s a little different for all of us.



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