What’s Happening to Our Bees?


Disappearing Bees

What’s happening to our bees?  I was at Trader Joe’s yesterday doing my weekly grocery shopping and overheard a woman at the store explaining to a customer why the cost of honey is continuing to rise.  There is no short answer why, but it starts with supply and demand. Sadly, bee colonies are disappearing so there’s less honey being produced.

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NPR published a story last year about it; you can also learn more by watching the 2009 documentary “Vanishing of the Bees.” In short, many believe it has to do with pollution and climate change.  The ecosystem is thrown out of balance when the bee population drastically decreases; that’s why it’s important that we do something now, before it’s too late.  According to Harvard.edu, pesticides certainly aren’t helping matters.

10 Things You Can Do to Help Bees

There are quite a few tips you can get online, and here’s a great place to start. Check out this article, which explains how you can do your part to help.  You can start by buying local, raw honey; the best time to do this is in the summer when farm markets offer it in abundance.  Be prepared to pay much more than what you’d pay at your local grocer, but remember that you’re getting what you pay for and supporting a great cause. I can speak from experience when I tell you that once you buy local, raw honey…. well, you’ll never go back to the “honey” you’ve been eating for years 🙂 Sadly, many of these store-bought versions are not real honey at all. Another reason to buy the real stuff from a local farm.

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