Green Juice – Refreshing & Delicious!


Want to give your body a quick nutrient boost?

It’s so easy; all you need is a vegetable/fruit juicer and a some fresh produce to get started.

  • Large Cucumber (I usually peel)
  • Large Apple, sliced (Fuji or Gala are my faves)
  • Lemon (with our without peel)
  • Fresh ginger, sliced (1 tsp size)
  • Head of romaine lettuce and few pieces of spinach (rinsed well)
  • Dash of 100% stevia (optional)

Rinse fruits/veggies well and put everything in the juicer.  Note that you can substitute as you like; for instance, try celery instead of cucumber. Or, a few pieces of kale instead of romaine.  This particular recipe is my favorite because it’s not too bitter and very easy on the palate. Within 60 seconds you’ll have fresh juice at your fingertips.  This is the perfect juice blend for those that hate eating veggies. It’s sweet, light and so refreshing. Replace store-bought juices with this; you’ll save money and trust me, it tastes better.

Happy juicing,




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