Green Tea Love


Green Tea: Healthy and Clean 

I admit that I love my coffee; however, in the summer when the temperatures warm up I like to transition to green tea.  It’s delicious (and a much cleaner alternative to coffee) with ice and raw honey and mint. There are so many varieties of green tea these days and it’s easy to find.  Asian markets, specialty tea shops, online distributors, grocery stores, etc., are great places to find green tea.  Loose green tea is my favorite but it’s more intense than bagged tea so don’t over steep as it can upset your stomach.

Health Benefits of Tea 

Green tea has received great press over the last decade for its health-boosting properties.  Decaf green tea is also usually acceptable for those that are doing a cleanse/detox. You can learn more about green tea by following this blog. Its archives feature a lot of cool facts about tea in general so if you’re a tea-lover, you’ll appreciate the information. For instance, I learned that there are limited tea plantations in the U.S.; most of the tea is imported here.
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