The Magic of Coconut Oil


An Excellent, Natural Multi-Tasker

Coconut oil rocks! I highly recommend it for:

  • Baking (use instead of butter)
  • Skin moisturizer (face and body
  • Eye makeup remover (and it doesn’t burn your eyes!)
  • Hair mask (even better combined with eggs)
  • Cuticle softener

There are many other ways you can use coconut oil; these are just my personal favorites. It’s pricey but you can get it on sale sometimes; I stocked up on a few jars several months ago during a sale at Marshall’s. I try not to spend more than $5-$6 per jar so I keep my eyes open for good deals. I usually put 2+ cups of it in a pretty glass container (pictured) and keep in the bathroom so it’s available when I need it.

Coconut oil often gets a bad rep for its high saturated fat content; however, used within moderation, research studies have shown that it can have a beneficial impact on overall health.

Coconut oil is naturally derived, smells amazing and it’s worth the investment because it has so many uses. Enjoy!

Be Well,


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