Running Tips – for Newbies & Veterans

North Carolina 001

New to running or looking for ways to get back in your running groove? There are tons of sites out there with excellent information (and Runner’s World magazine also rocks) but one of my favorites is Hal Higdon’s website. He’s been running and publishing his training programs longer than I’ve been alive. Check out his impressive bio!

If you have never run before, don’t fret. As long as you’ve got your doctor’s approval, you can consider trying an interval walk/jog program to build up your endurance. No one starts running without building up to it. Start with walking, then power walking, then light jogging, etc. Wear a watch and time yourself (walk for 10 minutes, jog for 1 minute, etc.). Hal Higdon’s website has some great training programs for beginners. Check out the 5k novice program.

Marathons & More

If you’re interested in running your first marathon (it’s pretty awesome), give yourself 4-6 months to train for it. Also, you should run consistently for at least a year and be able to run 10+ miles as a long run before you consider a marathon. I know plenty of people who haven’t done any of these things and successfully completed a marathon, but they were hurting afterwards!  Spare yourself that trauma and plan ahead. You’ll enjoy race-day so much more if your muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc., have had a chance to strengthen with proper training.

Happy running! 🙂



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