Weight Management Tip – Eat More Produce

Keeping a basket full of fresh fruit will inspire you to eat more of it.
Keeping a basket full of fresh fruit will inspire you to eat more of it.

Looking for an instant vitamin & mineral boost?  Load up your daily diet with fresh fruits & veggies to improve your energy and overall health.  Keep a fruit basket displayed in your kitchen or dining room to serve as a visual reminder to feast on those fresh goodies.  Fresh is better and if you’re like me, you struggle with eating well during the busy work week when time is even more precious.  You can even take a few pieces of fruit to work to store in the fridge so that it’s easily accessible throughout the week.


Although it’s tempting to wash & cut up your fruit in advance, beware.  Your fruit will likely last longer and the nutrients will be preserved if you wait to wash, peel and cut when you’re getting ready to enjoy it.

If you do need to cut up your fruits and veggies ahead of time, citrus will help preserve them.  Whether you’re slicing up apples or avocados, a squeeze of lemon or lime juice will keep them from turning brown.

Nutrient Boosts

Some of my favorite boosts include chia seeds, flax, shredded coconut, virgin olive oil and peanut butter.  I often add some of the above to my apples, salads and smoothies for a nice boost.

Produce for Dessert – and it’s Vegan! 

Looking for a healthy & delicious dessert option that you can make right at home?  One of my absolute favorites is chopped Gala apples with peanut butter (Earth Balance is my fave), flax meal and shredded coconut.  This is so addicting so watch out; you don’t want to eat too much peanut butter every day as your waist will not be thanking you 🙂

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