The Benefits of Yoga Inversions


Are Inversions Beneficial? 

The short answer is yes and scientific studies have concluded that.  With your doctor’s approval, inversions can have various beneficial effects on your overall health.

There are plenty of resources out there that back up these claims; however, try for yourself and notice how great it just feels.  There are so many types of yoga inversions, many of which can be modified for all levels.  This blog has a few examples (with pictures) if you’re not sure how to get started, or are concerned about level of difficulty.

The Headstand 

This is one pose that really intimidates me!  I’ve yet to master it but I’ll get there eventually.  I went to a yoga class today and the instructor had us practice dolphin pose to get warmed up for headstand practice.  This is a pose that should be done very carefully and in stages. The instructor mentioned the importance of building up forearm strength since much of your body weight is supported with your arms in this pose.  There are lots of video tutorials on YouTube demonstrating how to get started.  I’d LOVE to hear from some of my fellow yogis out there; please share your tips on how to master the headstand.  I’m really trying to get over my fear of being upside down and/or falling 🙂

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