Understanding Food Labels


Food labels can be tricky.  Manufacturers often market their products to look favorable to consumers (e.g. fresh, all natural, no preservatives, etc.), but when you read the label you’re getting another story.

Back to Basics

Look for products with the least amount of ingredients.  Simple is better.

  • If you can’t pronounce it, it is most likely not derived from nature.
  • If a product says it’s organic, it doesn’t mean it’s 95-100% organic; read the label closely.
  • Reduce the amount of processed food you eat and make your own snacks. Then you have a better idea of what you’re putting in your body.
  • Educate yourself; read about nutrition and our food industry and spread the word to people you know.  If we had more nutrition outreach in this country, we wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic.
  • Natural doesn’t mean organic. Use caution when buying products that use this terminology to market.  There are too many loopholes in FDA regulations so there’s not a lot of consistency.  What’s “natural” in one product may not be natural at all in another even though it’s labeled natural.

Our bodies are exposed to enough toxins & chemicals in our environment, at work and home, etc.  We don’t need to add many more to our bodies by eating foods loaded with ingredients that make us sick.  Take charge 🙂 Inspire others to take charge of their health too.  Even those living in poor neighborhoods can strive for better health by making small changes. Libraries provide many types of cookbooks for free as well as internet resources for reviewing information online. We have to help each other be healthier! It starts with one person.

Be Well,



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