Help Green The Planet


I recently went to Washington DC’s annual Green Festival, which showcases eco-friendly businesses.  After a few hours of trekking around, my brain experienced information overload; there was so much to take in and I was amazed at how much the event had grown from when I was last there in 2008.

Here are a few of my favorite “green” companies.  Who knows, maybe some of their innovations will be just right for you.

  • An eco-friendly auto club (like AAA, but it’s the 1st and only “green” auto club.  This is pretty darn cool!)
  • Laundry balls (these last for a long time and you’ll never have to use detergent/fabric softener again).
  • Disposable dinnerware made from palm leaves.  Great (biodegradable) alternative to styrofoam and paper plates; these are more durable and much better on the environment.  For example, styrofoam takes a very very long time to breakdown and it’s also incredibly toxic.  I boycotted styrofoam years ago and will not purchase anything made with it.
  • Vegan and handmade skincare (this company donates 5% of its profits to help children in India stay in school and get an education).

Final Thoughts

When you attend an event like this, you feel the excitement in the air.  These business owners are so passionate about what they do and many of them genuinely care about the environment.  Although their prices are higher than what you’d find at your local discount superstore, when you buy from a small business owner, you’re helping our economy in many ways.  Many large corporations are driven by profits and greed and don’t necessarily conduct business in an ethical way and do what’s right for mankind or the environment.  This impacts society in many ways but with smaller companies, you’ll likely get better a better quality product made with care by someone who earned a fair wage to produce it.  You can voice how you feel by choosing how you spend your money.  I’m on a budget and have to pick and choose how I can “go green”; I do the best I can with this and live within my means.  Do the best you can do.



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