Helping the Environment: It Starts at the Grocery Store


Think you have no control over the state of our environment?  You absolutely do and can start with what you buy at the grocery store.  This upcoming documentary, Cowspiracy, sheds some light on a very controversial topic that even huge environmental organizations don’t want to address.

Traditional meat farming practices in this country do us more harm that good.  There are plenty of books, movies and websites that aim to get this message out but it really comes down to common sense.

For instance, we don’t need to eat as much meat as we do; yet, our media urges us to get ample “protein” through meat sources on a regular basis.  Common sense tells me that eating animals raised in disgusting conditions and fed chemicals and grains (which is not what their bodies are designed to eat) is not healthy for mankind.  Even dairy cows are pumped with drugs from a young age, to increase milk production, and they spend their lives confined to tiny spaces while their milk is constantly pumped from them.  This isn’t ethical and we don’t need to be drinking cow’s milk anyway.  It’s not designed for human consumption as its protein structure is much more complex than human milk, and it causes all kinds of health issues for the majority of people that consume it.  I actually stopped drinking milk years ago due to allergies, inflammation, constipation, etc.  Almond, flax, coconut, soy and hazelnut milks are all delicious and versatile.  I feel so much better since I drastically reduced my dairy intake.

Factory farming practices are relatively new and they’re destroying local communities, waterways and ecosystems.  Not to mention the quality of today’s meat is nowhere near what it used to be.  Many factory-farmed animals are diseased and treated with drugs to reduce fatalities (and financial losses to the farmers).  Do we really want to be eating this kind of meat?  There are many reasons why our nation’s health is suffering (e.g. cancer, heart disease, etc.), and supporting these factory farms cannot be the best thing for our bodies.  Sure, it tastes good but so do many things that are horrible for us.

What You Can Do 

You Don’t have to stop eating meat, just being more mindful about how much you purchase will make a difference.  Small steps add up and if we all do our part to eat a little healthier (and reduce, or eliminate meat consumption), it will reduce the demand of meat in this country.  If we make no changes, these farming practices won’t change and they will continue to degrade our environment.

I wish you a safe and healthy holiday weekend and hope you’re inspired to take small steps to do wonderful things for your mind and body (and the environment).  Be well 🙂



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