Refreshing Summer Ceviche

PicMonkey Collage

Ahhh, the endless (veggie) dinner options in the summer make me smile; I could eat fresh fruits and vegetables all day long.   And the coolest part is that you don’t need fancy ingredients to enjoy them – just a little good quality olive oil and sea salt will do.  I enjoy light dinner fare when the weather heats up.  One fabulous dinner option is ceviche, which typically involves raw seafood of some sort.  There are so many variations with ceviche, whether you eat seafood or not.  You can easily turn it into a beautiful side dish if you’re vegan. 

Recently, I tried cod ceviche and used cooked fish instead of raw.  Vegans can make larger portions of the marinade and enjoy as a beautiful side dish.  Most of the ingredients are in season right now and readily available at your local farm market or grocery store.

Here is a variation of the recipe I used and you can tailor to your liking.




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