Create Your Vision and Manifest Your Dreams

IMG_4439If you dig spiritual philosophy like I do, you’ve probably watched “The Secret” and read books that speak to its principles.  If you’re not familiar with any of this, that’s okay.  It will all make sense!  Not sure what you want in life?  Write it out and envision it.  It will happen; I’m living proof and so are many others.  Start by: 

Get a board, piece of paper, whatever you can find at that moment.  Clip pictures and words out of magazines that inspire you and take or pin them to the paper/board.  Put this is plain view (e.g. your bathroom, bedroom, office, etc.) so you can be reminded daily.  Meditate on it.  Pray about it.  Think positive happy thoughts and you will have what your heart desires.  Put out there what you want to receive back.  Watch the magic unfold 🙂

Be well,




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