Chocolate Understands

DSC01384Chocolate – it’s satisfying and makes us feel so good.  And, it’s better than therapy!  There’s controversy surrounding its health benefits, but I personally believe it does more good than harm.  Of course, everything in moderation . . .

Looking for the top quality but not top price?  Here are some of my favorites; be sure to read labels and look for ones with a short list of ingredients and not a ton of added sugar.  I prefer dark chocolate so if you do too, you’ll love these.  All can be found online or your local health food store.  Many grocery chains carry Green & Blacks.  Splurge a little and share with someone you love 🙂

  1. Green & Blacks 70% Dark Chocolate
  2. Tanzania School House Dark Chocolate 
  3. Salazon Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt
  4. Divine 85% Dark Chocolate 
  5. Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Bar  – Chocolate Lover’s  (this is under $2.00 and really good!)




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