Basil for Detoxification

IMG_4801Basil is often used to flavor many dishes, but did you know that fresh basil is really good for your body?

Basil’s Many Uses 

Read on for a list of 28 ways you can use basil to improve your overall well-being.  With allergy season in full effect for many parts of the country, basil is a great way to give your body a natural defense “boost.”

Health Benefits

It’s good for your liver, skin and purifies your body.  It also contains vitamins (K, A, etc.).  As stated in this article, there’s no doubt that nutrition and health are linked.  Try adding basil to your pasta dish, infuse your water, or chew on some to freshen your breath and cleanse your body.

How to Grow Basil

The plants are cheap (pictured) and easy to grow or you can buy it fresh at your local grocer.  This site will provide you with lots of tips on how to grow your own basil.

Be Well,



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