Yoga: Mastering Crow Pose


Mastering the crow yoga pose is no easy feat.  However, with regular practice (and some patience) it’s doable.  If you’re otherwise healthy with no injuries and ready to begin, here are some tips on what worked for me.  Ps.  It took me awhile (many months) to get over the fear of falling and get comfortable in this pose.   I took baby steps until I felt comfortable lifting both feet off the ground and going for it!  Do what you feel comfortable with and don’t compare yourself with others; it’s not a competition.

Tips to Help Ease Into Crow: 

  • Watch lots of online tutorials, read other people’s tips and then slowly find out what works for you.  We’re all different so not everything you see or read will necessarily work for you.  However, it will give you some ideas and visuals of the pose.
  • Start when your body is warmed up and you’re in a relaxed state of mind.  If you try to do too much too soon, you’ll risk injury.
  • This pose does require upper body and core strength as well as balance.  If you haven’t practiced much yoga, definitely start with beginner yoga classes to start building these key muscle groups.  When you feel stronger and are able to hold planks and do push ups, then you’re ready to progress into the beginning stages of crow.  If you’re looking to try DVDs and practice at home, Rodney Yee is fabulous.
  • Dolphin pose is a great way to build arm strength as well.
  • Again, observe others (via tutorials or in a yoga class) but practice this pose at home.  You’re not going to have enough time in class to practice and you’ll feel pressured to do it quickly which isn’t good if you’re a beginner.  You want to try it out on a rug/carpet with lots of pillows nearby to cushion you if you happen to fall.  Move furniture out of the way and create a peaceful environment so you’re completely relaxed.   If you have pets, make sure they’re out of the way and won’t be bothering you!
  • Breathe!  Don’t hold your breath when trying this pose (or any yoga pose).  If you’re having a hard time breathing steadily while trying this pose, scale back and don’t push so hard.  You should be able to breath comfortably.
  • It might help to focus on a point on the floor to keep your balance.  It’s not necessary but it helped me in the beginning.
  • Make a playlist with soothing, beautiful music to calm your mind.
  • If you’ve tried all the above and are having no luck, take a break for awhile and revisit when you’re ready.  It’s possible this pose is not for you and that’s okay.  One of the purpose’s of yoga poses is to strengthen the body and help calm the mind; if crow isn’t having that effect for you, spend time doing other poses that leave you feeling strong and refreshed.  🙂

Be Well,



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