Importance of Nourishment

IMG_5564Check Out my Pinterest Board for Healthy-Eating Inspiration.  Craving the summer rolls pictured?  Check out this recipe, and read on for more tips on how to eat well: 

  • One thing that’s really worked for me is to take time each week to plan my meals and snacks.  Even 20 minutes makes a difference.
  • I write out a grocery list and think about what I want to prepare for the week ahead.  This saves me time and money; plus, it’s so much healthier than eating out.
  • I also try to always keep my freezer stocked with frozen fruits and veggies so I can make smoothies or a crock pot soup in a flash.

Even the busiest person can eat well, on a budget, and with just a little preparation.  A good blender, food processor, veggie chopper, knife set and crock pot are staples to have on hand to save you time and money each week.

Be well,

~ Nicole


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