Free PDF: Living in the Present


What does it mean to be present and live in the now?  It’s tough… many times I wish I could just operate my mind with a remote control and tune out the thoughts sometimes.

One of my favorite speakers & authors is Eckhart Tolle and he explains how to start enjoying the present moment. I saw him live in Washington DC a few years ago and his presence left me awestruck.

Check out this free PDF, with some of Tolle’s thoughts on living in the present moment.  It’s a lot to digest so if you’re short on time, just scroll through some of the highlights.  Much of what he talks about involves acceptance and turning inward, that means tuning out life’s daily distractions. For example, when waiting in a long line at the store don’t resist any impatient feelings you may have.  It’s okay to feel impatient at times, it’s human!  Just feel, accept and move on.  This doesn’t mean you have to like waiting (who does?!), but the acceptance creates peace.  When we resist, it disturbs our inner peace.  Being okay with whatever is happening at the moment is the key to contentment.  It really works!

Peace and love to you,



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