Pumpkin Mania!

PicMonkey Collage

Fall’s here and pumpkins are all over the place.  I love walking through my neighborhood this time of year and seeing the creative pumpkin carvings displayed on porch steps, it puts a smile on my face.  This blog has some great ideas for adding pumpkin/fall-inspired flair to your living space.  I especially dig the fabric pumpkins.

There are so many ways to cook with them as well. Pumpkin pie, muffins, lattes, soups..you name it, you’re sure to stumble across a pumpkin-inspired goody this time of year.  You can even roast pumpkin seeds after carving.  Yeah, it’s a little late for that but as long as pumpkins are in season, you can carve away & enjoy those delicious & nutritious seeds.  Here’s a classic recipe that you’re sure to love.

Got a Sweet Tooth?

Pumpkins are really healthy and one easy way to start is with canned pumpkin. Do you have a sweet tooth?  Try baking pumpkin bread, pancakes, cookies or muffins.  Or, you can re-create Starbuck’s famous pumpkin lattes right in your own kitchen with just a few ingredients.  Check out this DIY Starbucks latte tutorial on YouTube.  You can substitute some of her ingredients if you prefer less sugar/processed creamer.  There are lots of alternatives (e.g. stevia, coconut hazelnut creamer, etc.).  Did you know that a Starbuck’s pumpkin latte have NO pumpkin?  Hmmmm.

More Recipes

I’m a huge fan of author & motivational speaker, Kris Carr.  If you have no idea who she is check out her website for lots of healthy-eating inspiration.  I’ve tried many of her recipes and they’re damn good.  Here is a collection of her favorite pumpkin recipes.

Happy fall.


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