Buh-Bye Winter Blues

DSC_0422Like many people  I get a major case of the winter blues every year.  Growing up in Ohio acclimated me to the cold weather but I never got used to winter’s shorter days and lack of sunshine.  I’m a nature lover and being outside makes me happy.  I’ve dedicated this post to sharing some tips that help me get through this time of the year.  Instead of overindulging in every way possible to drown out the winter blues, read on for some healthier ways to carry you through to next spring.

How to Cope?  According to the sister science of yoga (Ayurveda), this is the time of the year that we should ground ourselves and feel centered.  As our bodies continue to adjust to the changing seasons and less sunlight, it’s not easy to feel centered.  Add the stress of the holiday season into the mix and before you know it, you’re feeling run down and maybe even a little depressed.

What to Do?  Try meditation; you don’t actually have to be seated to do this.  It could be anywhere, just breathe deeply and be in the moment.  Put the phone away and enjoy wherever you are.   Embrace that moment, and continue to breathe.  You can do this anytime throughout the day and it doesn’t cost a thing.   Also, drink lots of water (as much as you would in the summer) and replace negative thoughts with positive ones.  This is a great time to focus on what you do have and are grateful for.  Focus on what’s important to you in life and invest in that.  Invest in hobbies and relationships that nourish your soul.  These are just a few ways to stay grounded through the winter season and I hope they help you too!

Be well,



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