Hate to Cook? Wrap it Up!

Wraps are so easy and versatile, in minutes you can prepare a complete meal with protein, fiber and veggies.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner wraps are ideal for those that need a healthy meal ready ASAP.   I prefer to eat them fresh because I don’t like soggy wraps but you could certainly prepare in advance and eat later in the day.

To get started, you’ll want to have the following ingredients on hand: 

  • olive oil or ripe avocados
  • fresh tomatoes (I prefer roma)
  • sea salt/black pepper
  • salad greens (e.g. baby romaine, spinach or spring mix- chopped and pre-washed)
  • protein source (e.g. organic eggs, turkey or chicken breast deli slices, tempeh bacon, scrambled tofu, etc.)
  • optional:  black olives, onions, feta cheese, fresh garlic, cilantro or other additions of your choice
  • Sprouted or multigrain wraps – try to avoid the white ones and make sure they don’t have lots of added sugar.
  • Sharp knife and large cutting board


Preparation shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes – tops.  If you’re using eggs, tofu or tempeh bacon you can cook these while preparing the vegetables.  This is when having a large cutting board comes in handy.  Have everything on the counter and prepare all your veggies, seasonings and then layer in the wrap.  Add your protein source last, wrap up with foil (to keep from falling apart) and eat on the spot or save for later.  Pairs wonderfully with chilled herbal tea and hummus & rice crackers.


There are lots of books which will inspire you to try different variations.  I prefer Pinterest when I need inspiration; check it out!

Be well,



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