Happiness (and Longevity) is a Cup of Coffee


Another reason to love that daily cup of coffee, without the guilt.  You’ll live longer (maybe). We’ve all heard of all the health benefits but now studies are showing drinking coffee can extend your life.

Yes, coffee’s acidic and too much can give you jitters.  But, in moderation it can lead to creativity, inspiration and happiness (ok -maybe a little exaggeration).

I listened to NPR on the way to work the other day and this recent research on the coffee/longevity correlation was music to my ears.  Click here to read the article or listen to the story.  Obviously, we all react differently to coffee and there are other factors leading to longevity but the pros certainly seem to outweigh the cons.

So, get up… make coffee… drink coffee…and make more coffee 🙂


Be Well,


Ps.  A few of my favorite roasters: 


DIY Superfood Smoothie

Smoothies are a summer staple.  


Give your body a nutritional boost by adding one (or more) of the following to your smoothie:

  • Flax meal – it’s already ground so just add a tablespoon.
  • Hemp protein – excellent for frozen coffee smoothies (check out this delicious vegan recipe).  Buy at your local health food store – usually in the supplement section.
  • Coconut oil 
  • Chia seeds – it really expands so just use a little!  Purchase at your local health food store or online.
  • Cacao nibs – these give you smoothie a wonderful texture and flavor – but be sure to blend well
  • Raw cashew nuts – great for creamy smoothies, use instead of milk and be sure to soak overnight.  I put mine in a glass container in the fridge to soften up.  Easy!


  • Buy an awesome blender if you don’t already have one.  It’ll perfect the consistency and make the ingredients easier for your body to digest.  Less digestion time = more energy throughout the day.
  • Everyone swears by Vitamix for a reason.. they’re the best brand, in my opinion and they last a really long time.  Can’t afford one?  Try a refurbished model for a fraction of the cost.

Be well,


Hate to Cook? Wrap it Up!

Wraps are so easy and versatile, in minutes you can prepare a complete meal with protein, fiber and veggies.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner wraps are ideal for those that need a healthy meal ready ASAP.   I prefer to eat them fresh because I don’t like soggy wraps but you could certainly prepare in advance and eat later in the day.

To get started, you’ll want to have the following ingredients on hand: 

  • olive oil or ripe avocados
  • fresh tomatoes (I prefer roma)
  • sea salt/black pepper
  • salad greens (e.g. baby romaine, spinach or spring mix- chopped and pre-washed)
  • protein source (e.g. organic eggs, turkey or chicken breast deli slices, tempeh bacon, scrambled tofu, etc.)
  • optional:  black olives, onions, feta cheese, fresh garlic, cilantro or other additions of your choice
  • Sprouted or multigrain wraps – try to avoid the white ones and make sure they don’t have lots of added sugar.
  • Sharp knife and large cutting board


Preparation shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes – tops.  If you’re using eggs, tofu or tempeh bacon you can cook these while preparing the vegetables.  This is when having a large cutting board comes in handy.  Have everything on the counter and prepare all your veggies, seasonings and then layer in the wrap.  Add your protein source last, wrap up with foil (to keep from falling apart) and eat on the spot or save for later.  Pairs wonderfully with chilled herbal tea and hummus & rice crackers.


There are lots of books which will inspire you to try different variations.  I prefer Pinterest when I need inspiration; check it out!

Be well,


Honey + Vinegar = Natural Detox

Did you know that honey and vinegar have been used together since 5th century BC?  It’s been noted that Hippocrates, father of medicine, used this combo for its health properties.  Why, might you ask?  Vinegar is good for the body; scientific studies have demonstrated that it helps curb the appetite, balance the system and it also has antimicrobial properties. IMG_6525

You’ve probably heard that tea has health benefits as well…it contains polyphenols which vinegar also contains.  Additional scientific studies have concluded that polyphenols reduce the risk of illness.  Pretty cool. A Simple Health Tonic

  1. Water
  2. 1 teaspoon Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar
  3. 1 teaspoon Raw, unprocessed honey

I like to add the vinegar to a small glass of water, and drink slowly as I eat the honey from the spoon in between sips.  You could add the honey to the water & vinegar if you prefer. This is an acquired taste, so be patient and give it time to adjust.  Also, don’t overdo it with the vinegar as it could upset your stomach.  A little goes a long way.  🙂 Be Well, Nicole

Life’s Ups & Downs

I’ve been struggling a bit lately because things haven’t been working out the way I had planned.  But, that is life.. right?  I think the more we resist life’s disappointments, the more it shows up in our lives.  I’m learning that when doors close, new ones open and that’s truly a blessing in disguise.  Setbacks only make us stronger and bring new light into our lives.  It doesn’t mean it’ll be fun. Sometimes it’s downright painful.  Excruciating.  So much, that you just want to jump in a plane and go somewhere warm (or cold) and forget about your troubles.


We’re all in this journey together and it’s amazing how our paths cross for a reason and how we are here to learn from each other and grow.

I think the biggest obstacle I tend to have is fear.  Fear of pretty much everything.. parenthood, relationships and the list goes on and on.  So, what helps me is to work through those feelings by practicing yoga, writing, talking to those I trust and just doing my best to let go.   Letting go of fear involves courage and choosing to take the leap when my intuition tells me it’s time.  That, and slowly getting rid of every toxic relationship and being extremely selective about who I let into my life.  Positivity is so very contagious; it’s a beautiful thing.

One of my favorite motivational authors, Dr. Wayne Dyer, quoted “Most stress in our lives results from hanging on to beliefs that keep us striving for more, because ego stubbornly believes we need it.”  This is so true, I find myself wanting to accomplish more, earn more money, be in better shape, etc.  I don’t need any of these things and you don’t either.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be successful or look great but these things shouldn’t be ego-driven.  This is definitely the case in my situation – my ego gets in the way because of fear/insecurity and the inability to let go at times.  I think we’ve all been there; it’s human nature to be ego-driven sometimes.  Striving to detach from ego is a work in progress, for sure.

One of my favorite books on this topic is the classic “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway.”  I have this book and pull it out from time to time to remind myself that I can handle whatever comes my way, just like author Susan Jeffers preaches.

In the end though, we need people to help us push through our struggles.  And, they are there for us when we need them as long we our hearts are open 🙂

Be Well,