NCL Vintage Boutique

I love old stuff.  I decided to start sharing my finds with the rest of the world in early 2014.  My shop’s mission and long-term goals align with my personal values to do more reducing/reusing/recycling and to think twice before purchasing brand new things.

I try to live and lead by example. I’ve become quite frugal in recent years and my trips to the mall are a thing of the past. I buy most of my clothing, accessories, etc., at consignment and thrift stores. It just takes a little patience and imagination but it’s worth the time and effort. I’ve managed to grab some timeless pieces (e.g. J.Crew, Gap, etc.) for a fraction of what I used to spend.

I don’t sell vintage clothing yet since my shop’s niche is vintage books, coffee mugs and cookware.  I sell other items as well but these are my personal favorites.  It is my hope that the items I sell remain in their households for generations to come. Vintage items were built to last a long time and they’ve got a character that modern things don’t always have.

NCL Vintage Shop & Website


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